Leather Skins
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Displays Our Going rate for internet access.
Surfing the internet

R10-00 for 10 Minutes

R25-00 for 30 Minutes

R35-00 for 1 Hour

R50-00 for 2 Hours

B&W Printing R1-00 per page

Colour Printing R5-00 per page

Scanning R5-00 per page

Download of MEM cards to CD R25-00

Download of MEM cards to DVD R30-00

Postcards R5-00

Cooldrinks each R5-00

Mineral Water R5-00


Sheep Skin: R400-00

Springbok Skin: R300-00

Nguni Skin: R2200-00

Blesbok Skin: R400-00

Cyber-Ostrich Internet Cafè

These are our current rates. For 2007


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